Dear Travelers,

isn´t it weird to talk about oneself?! Especially when you have to summarize your complexities into only a few words. But, in a way, we, travelers, are like soul friends. We might not know each other physically, but we definitely know each other heartily.

We are the ones who always have a tip to give when somebody says those magical words “I booked a trip to…”, or who make everybody laugh telling anecdotes about being in a pickle while visiting the most remote sites around the world. I bet stories are already starting to pop up in your head, aren´t they? We are the ones who never ask “who else is going?”, but rather “where are we going to?” – cause, of course, we said “yes” before we knew the destination. We are the ones who become the old lady at the waiting queue at the bank, striking up conversations with strangers every time we see the opportunity once we hit a new city – after all, what better way to get to know a place if not through the eyes and culture of the locals? We are the ones who will order something to eat we don´t really know what it is, but “if this guy who looks from here is having it, I want to try it too”. We are the ones who, of course, have our preferences – some prefer luxury, some are backpackers, some are in between making use of the budget the best way they can. But one thing we ALL are is adaptable – to places, to people, to languages, to experiences. Forgive me, John Lennon, but I´m not quoting you on this one – after all, I don´t see ourselves as dreamers. Rather, we are go-getters.

So, I don´t need to introduce myself in this “Author section”. You already know me. And I already know you. Welcome on board, old mate!