10 Instagram accounts to follow for year-long autumn vibes

Normally, when September starts, I´m already in full fall mode, making hot chocolate, buying marshmallows and wearing puffy sweaters. This year was different though. Since we had a late-summer trip to Greece booked, summer lasted longer for us in 2021. It took me almost two weeks after we came back to realize that fall had begun, and that it was time to replace mojitos with tea, and flip flops with fluffy slippers. YAY! Let the magic of fall begin!

By the way, it doesn´t even have to end! Luckily, we, fall lovers, are not alone: there´s a whole community out there longing for a year of yellow-orange-brown colors, cozy pj´s, scary movie nights, pumpkin spice “anything” (latte? pie? cupcake? I can go on forever, dare me) and Halloween decor. So, if you have a hard time letting autumn go and you keep your Jack-O’-Lanterns on your porch until it starts to stand out against the neighbors’ Christmas ornaments, this post is for you.

Here are 10 Instagram accounts that keep this season alive 365 days, so you will never have to fall out of the autumn mood!

Chilly Autumn

This was one of the first fall-themed accounts I came across with on Instagram. I love its orangy aesthetics and the diversity of the pictures featuring everything we love about autumn! You will find lots of pumpkins, warm drinks, outdoor leafy landscapes and, especially, cozy settings that make you wanna rush to a home design store and replicate the pictures.

Penelope Pumpkin

Penelope definitely covers the basics when it comes to fall. There are pictures of delicious treats like pies and cupcakes, beautiful landscapes exploding in the season´s colors and cushy rooms. But it was really the animal pictures that did it for me! Be it a cat wearing a scarf, a hedgehog posing inside a pumpkin or a dog laying on a bed of leaves, this account will bring a smile to your hot chocolate smudged lips.

Autumn Smile

And since we were talking about smiles…Autumn Smile does portray that perfect October atmosphere through a darker camera lens. The pictures have a more brownish filter that really gives me the fall blues – that is when you just want to be at the couch reading a book with a cup of tea, while the autumn wind sweeps leaves away right by your window.

Autumn Lover

Autumn lover is a real ode to adorable mugs filled with yummy stuff, against some super cozy backgrounds. There´s something so satisfying about it, isn´t there? It makes me feel like I don´t have enough fluffy sweaters…or that my mug collection is very monotonous. I´m so gonna work on that and do better for winter, lol. I´m determined.

Pumpkin Leaves

Pumpkin Leaves is all about fall landscapes featuring forests, houses and roads. You can almost hear the rustling sounds breaking through the silence of the pictures while scrolling down this feed. It really makes me want to jump in a train and go somewhere where the dead leaves look this alive.

Fall in Love with October

This is the kind of account I hate to love, and maybe you will hate-love me too for introducing it to you. Here you will find tons of fall landscapes and Halloween decor, but what will really make you stay are the cookies. Oh, those damn cookies! They look so unbelievably gorgeous and delicious, they will make you go crazy looking for something similar within your reach. I haven´t found it yet, unfortunately. So, I continue to torture myself through this account´s yummy pics.

Daniela Pardo

In the last months, Daniela has been one of my favorite influencers to follow. Her collection of pictures (yeah, I refuse to call it just a “feed”) looks so gracious and effortless even though I can imagine how much work she puts into it. What I love the most is that her account seems to tell an endless story of fall romance and mystery in London. I never get bored.


Like Daniela´s, Abbi´s pictures are gorgeous and artistry. The dark green-ish filter she uses to portray landscapes, shops, charming streets and her pet Fly (who´s adorable!) in Scotland convey such a secretive flair. Her foggy, rainy, dimmed pictures transport me straight to fall, whichever season we are really in.


Continuing on the anti-cliché fall road, Co.nfused is a recent follow of mine. It was not like I was looking to follow yet another fall-vibes account, but this one was irresistible. Christopher has such an interesting eye for photography, he manages to give any place this laid-back cozy autumn afternoon feeling. I love it – I wanna live in that feed.

Autumn´s Little Sister

This is the ultimate vintage fall account. The aesthetics is classy, mystical and delicate – it gives me such peace scrolling down the pictures. It´s clear Lisa takes really good care of her feed and only posts pictures in which the elements are perfectly arranged in place. What I like the most is that into the pumpkin-landscape-coffee-old buildings’ mixture, she throws in book recommendations as well. Actually, I will be soon putting to use one of her tips that I found both usual and appealing – to listen to audio books while exploring a city.

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