One week vacation in Crete – IGTV

I just came back from a one week vacation in the island of Crete, Greece! It was a great closure to the summer, despite it having a “shaky” start with the earthquake that greeted us on our first day (let me tell you, that wasn´t fun). Nothing that a few days of salty water and sun couldn´t heal. 😉

I do hope the locals are recovering from it, having heard there was another one, even stronger, after we left. 😦

So, first advice of the day: research well the area you are visiting, especially if it is an area where natural phenomena occurs. Second, and most importantly, research how to act in case something happens. You can also inquire your hotel about it upon arrival or by email previous to your check in.

Third advice of the day…unplanned things happen on vacation. Sometimes – actually, most of the times – we can´t foresee it or prevent it. And that´s ok. But, if it´s nothing major and you are safe and well (as well as others around you), try to make the best out of it, since the money you invested (or the vacation days you took from work) will not return to your pocket or to your calendar.

So, to leave you guys on a high note, here´s a summary of a one week vacation in Crete (IGTV). Ah! And I will be posting our whole vacation plan made on Trello in the upcoming days! Stay tunned.

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