5 terrifying adventures around the world (for the brave, only)!

This is not for the faint-hearted. Me included.

The inspiration for this post was actually accidental. When I was browsing through my Instagram feed, I found an attraction in China that gave me vertigo just to look at it. My immediate reaction was “not in a million years”. But it woke my curiosity in relation to dangerous adventurous experiences around the world that, even though I would never have the courage to try it, were quite alluring – be it for the engineering behind it, or the courage needed to embark on it.

So, here are 5 audacious experiences around the world that would probably raise the hairs on the back of your neck:

1. The Blowing Flying Kiss, China

The kissing statues were inspired by an old chinese myth (image from Good Things Guy)

The attraction that inspired this whole post! When I first looked at it, I swear I thought it was some computerized teaser of a future carnival park or something. But, no. It is not only very much existing, as it is also a beloved tourist attraction in Chongqing, China. “Flying” over a 3.000-feet cliff, the “Blowing Flying Kisses” statues, as they are called, take people standing on observation decks on a ride. And what a ride it is! Apart from being suspended high in the air, the tourists can only count on their balance and on a gate they can hold on to in order not to embark on a long one-way journey down. No, there´s no seatbelt. Oh, and did I mention the decks keep on turning?

If I ignore the heights…it´s actually quite beautiful! lol (image from Viral Bake)

For those that have no problem with heights, the courage definitely pays off though: it seems like the carousels provide a stunning view of the valleys and forests around and below. You just have to manage not to faint in between 😉

2. The Stanley Hotel night tours, USA

The secrets these walls hide…

The hotel is beautiful, grandiose and luxurious. But also allegedly haunted. You have probably heard about the Stanley as the place that inspired Stephen King to write the horror classic “The Shining” (turned into a movie in 1980). Opened to guests since 1909 as a stay in the wilderness for la crème de la crème of the American society, the hotel had fallen into decay by the 70´s, when the writer visited it. A night was enough to inspire his first bestseller. Need I say more?

The elegant porch

The colonial hotel offers 60-minute night tours that will take you to the building´s darkest corners. The Halloween parties are also very much sought after (I have to confess, this one might be my newest bucket-list item). Still, for the many guests accounts on paranormal activity like slamming doors, eerie piano music and disembodied laughters, you might not need a night tour or a party to leave the hotel with your own inspiration for a horror book.

If you want to read more about it, Trip Savvy has a great article about the most haunted places of the Stanley hotel.

3. Wing Walking, UK

Took me some time to fully comprehend this picture lol (image form the AeroSuperBatics Instagram account)

You couldn´t pay me into doing this, but, apparently, there are people that would pay to stand on the wings of a flying airplane. Though this is my ultimate nightmare, it seems to be the fulfillment of a dream to many. Chapeau! – if you are one of them.

Well, it seems like she´s having fun! (image form the AeroSuperBatics Instagram account)

So, how does it work? Of course they are not going to tie you up on top of a Boeing 747 or something (well, also because these don´t fly anymore). That would be suicide. Rather, you will be strapped onto a metal stake in the middle of the wings of a small biplane. While you don´t hang on to dear life – because there´s nowhere you can hang on to -, the pilot does a bunch of crazy exciting maneuvers and steep dives. His pity is not included in the package.

Here´s a video of a wing walking flight by AeroSuperBatics.

4. “Swimming” with crocodiles, Australia

The glass cage (image from Crocosaurus Instagram account)

Diving with sharks is so 1970´s, don´t you think? Some people in Australia do. So, they stepped up their game and created the “cage of death“. The glass cage is lowered inside a pool where one of their huge saltwater crocodile calmly swims by, or around you. The face-to-face encounter lasts about 15-minutes, that means, if you don´t chicken out before.

The experience seems interesting, since it´s a way to bring people close to an animal that is not very popular. As Attenborough says, “no one will protect what they don´t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced”. Though the Crocosaurus Cove offers educational experiences also for children concerning reptiles, and they seem to have a policy of not disturbing animals that do not want to interact, it is advisable to do some research before engaging in any activity with animals.

Lunch time! (image from Crocosaurus Instagram account)

Having said this, the Cove claims that all crocodiles came from the wild and were removed because they were causing a danger to people living in the area. I´m completely against removing an animal from his habit because “they are causing problems”, but if it is between euthanizing them and giving them a home in a “zoo”, I definitely prefer the latter as the least terrible option.

To learn more about their work, check their “behind the bite” series on YouTube.

5. The Edge Walk, Canada

Nobody can deny that´s an amazing view! (image from CN Tower´s Instagram account)

If you are afraid of heights, phew…don´t even think, or look at it. The Edge Walk is an extreme attraction in Toronto, on top of the famous CN Tower, consisting of the world´s highest full circle hands-free pathway. To give you an idea, the Tower is about 116 storeys high, and you will be walking on a 1.5m (5 feet) wide platform. No, thank you.

Th CN tower, a landmark in Toronto

The torture experience costs Can$40 and seems to be a pretty popular one. If you are an adrenaline junkie that has found your perfect match, you can even exchange your vows hanging from the 356m (1168 feet) edge. Hopefully you don´t get cold feet!

Which of these experiences would you be willing to try? Have you ever had a terrifying adventure somewhere?

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