You´ve got mail!

This postcard is not coming from anywhere specific around the world. It´s coming from the soul.

This pandemic made many people reinvent themselves, out of need or out of the sake of trying something new. If you are still the same as before 2020, hate to break it to ya, but you are doing it all wrong, my friend. You could have been the best human being before hell broke loose, but we all learned something during this situation we were all put in, together.

And that´s how I found myself not wanting to write anymore. What once was my escape route from routine, life problems, and reality, became a hassle. Words and images that once made me travel while staying seated by the computer lost their magic when the “want to” became a “have to”. Some passions moved away while making space for others, priorities changed, new challenges appeared….some still haven´t gone away.

Sharing my trips, my experiences, wasn´t so important anymore. I needed time to travel with myself, my family, be there at the moment without thinking about what I wanted to write from that trip, if the pictures were good quality enough or worrying about the storytelling of a video. And that´s ok. Were these travels/moments better than the other ones? I don´t know. All I know is that that was what I needed to do at that point in time.

Now here I am, 9 – suggestive – months later, at what I would call the rebirth of this blog. Vivi, aren´t you being a bit dramatic? Very probable, I´m a Gemini after all. Actually, now that you have pointed it out, I wonder if this sudden need to go back to writing and sharing travel experiences has anything to do with my upcoming birthday. Birthdays are usually very stubborn. They come back year after year to try to give you the impression that you can repeatedly reinvent yourself and start over. By the way, I personally think you can.

So, why am I telling you all of this? I guess this letter is more for myself than to anybody else, but it can be useful to somebody out there as well. What I´m trying to say is that it´s ok to want something, and then not want it anymore….then want it again, in the same or in a different way. And you don´t even need to use the excuse of being a Gemini to sound this confusing. The truth is that we have all been through some pretty tough months since the beginning of last year, and we are at a point where every single person in this planet is going through a battle.

So, do what makes you feel good and, as a bonus track, try to help somebody along the way. Or better – try to connect with somebody along the way. I bet we are all lacking a lot of human connection right now.

I missed writing, and I´m coming back to it in my own terms, and in a way that makes sense to me. No more “need to”, but many “want to´s”. I will write about travel subjects that inspire me, be that a person, a destination, a cultural aspect, a food item. I hope my letters reach a reader that feels the same about this beautiful hobby that is to travel around the world: it´s about meeting other human beings, broaden the knowledge we have about our planet and learn by living. There is a lot more than giving only technical information about a place – I want to transport you. You and myself both, actually, if you don´t mind the intrusive company. Because, it can happen that even though you are at a new destination, you are not really unraveling it. I want to not only go somewhere, I want to perceive it.

From now on, this is more of a travel diary than a travel blog. We have all been through a lot, and I hope this will be a healing experience for myself, and for those who want to rethink travel.

Last but not least, I dedicate these letters to all of those who we lost during this pandemic. I will sure be writing some of these travel notes to those I miss, and to those who I see dear friends missing.

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