Ritter Sport SchokoWelt – the sweetest store in Berlin

Ritter Sport SchokoWelt (World of Chocolate) could be described as a chocolate spectacle – and I don´t just throw this description lightly. When it comes to desserts and sweets,  I´m usually harsh because…well, I´m a savory girl. I know, I can almost hear you shout “blasphemy!” from here. It´s not that I don´t like sweets, don´t get me wrong, I do! But I would trade a chocolate pie with a pot chicken pie anytime. So, yeah, it takes A LOT for me to even want to eat sweets (cheesecake and pumpkin pie are the big exceptions though!). So, it was a surprise even for myself when I left Ritter Sport SchokoWelt with a bag full of chocolate!!

We will get to that but let´s cover the basics: Ritter Sport is a famous chocolate bar brand in Germany. Though the founders Alfred and Clara Ritter started their chocolate business back in 1912, the brand as we know today was launched in 1932, with the concept that the chocolate bar should fit every sport jacket pocket (meaning: a men´s lounge jacket) without breaking. That´s how they arrived to the square format of the bar still used today, as well as the company´s name. I had never thought of this feature before writing this article, but these bars are thick and, indeed, hard to crack by just transporting it. By the way, this trait makes them GREAT souvenirs for friends back home, because you know it will very likely survive the trip!

I love their format! And I love this flavor….

It would take another 40 years for the company to introduce yet another groundbreaking characteristic that Ritter would be known for: the colorful packaging! Each assortment got a bright distinctive color, something they still creatively use nowadays. Another added feature in the 70´s that is still a trait of the brand is the snap-open pack: a package that could be opened faster – because once the crave comes, who has the time to deal with stubborn paper, right?!

The Ritter Sport Schokowelt was inaugurated in 2010 in Berlin. It consists of a 3-story building encompassing almost 1000 m2 where guests can try out goodies, learn about the company and, the best thing of it all, create their very own Ritter Sport chocolate bar. I honestly found this genius when I saw it! For a brand that has been so innovative when it comes to formatting, packaging and marketing, it makes a lot of sense that they want to give their clients a chance to let their imagination fly too. In their Schoko Kreation corner, you can choose your type of chocolate (milk, dark, white), and add-ons from a variety of nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, roasted caramelized almonds), fruits (strawberries, coconut, raspberry, cranberry, lemon…), treats (marshmallows, fruit gummies, cornflakes, biscuit…) and spices (chilli, pepper,…) in order to create the bar of your dreams!

The flagship store!
Willy Wonka for a day: create your very own chocolate bar!
The price of making a bar starts at 3,90€

Nevertheless, I don´t know how you could possibly think of anything different that Ritter has not thought of it first. Their flavor variation and ingenuity is what called my attention in the supermarket when I first arrived in Germany. In their permanent portfolio, they offer an assortment of pure (Alpine Milk, Fine Milk, Dark Chocolate), crispy (Butter Biscuit & Cocoa Cream, Hazelnut, Cornflakes), fruity (Strawberry Cream, Coconut, Raisins & Hazelnuts), creamy (Peppermint, Cocoa Mousse, Praline) and nutty (Macadamia, Whole Hazelnuts, Whole Almonds) chocolate. In these “normal” bars, you can still find some very interesting flavors like Rum Raisins & Hazelnuts, Oatmeal Cookie & Yoghurt, Coffee Chips, Salted Honey Almonds, and Dark Chocolate with Marzipan (very German!). They also offer a Cocoa line with 55% cocoa from Ghana (smooth), 61% from Nicaragua (fine) and 74% from Peru (intense).

Although these are all very yummy (believe me, I have tried many in the course of these 6 years) the seasonal flavors are the ones that really take the cake. For the this summer, for example, they have launched three new thematic bars: Buenos Días (White Chocolate Mango & Passion Fruit), Marhaba (Yoghurt Honey & Almonds), and Hula Hula (Coconut Waffle). My husband bought all three and they are so fresh and delicious, it really tastes like vacation! For winter, they normally launch a line with roasted nuts and the warm spices we all love like cinnamon. Last year they had White Chocolate Cinnamon Cornflakes, Roasted Almonds, and Gingerbread Cookie. You never know what they have next in store for you, and I find this super exciting! These guys know what they are doing.

Walls of chocolate!
The nutty corner!
Chocolate everywhere! I love the “Pick & Mix” corner, where you can choose different small chocolates to make a gift combo.

At the Berlin Store, you will find everything from their permanent assortment, as well as seasonal bars and special edition ones you can only find there. I was not expecting this. At first, when you look at the variety of chocolate you have in front of you, it´s a bit overwhelming. When I started to read labels I was like “waaaait, wait, wait, wait! How come I have never seen this one, ever?!” Then it hits you: you will be there for a long time, lol. Last time I visited, they had Black Current Yoghurt, for example, which was a novelty to me. In fact, I had never seen black current in a chocolate bar before. That´s how I ended up leaving with a big bag of sweets, for me, and for family and friends in Brazil.

Besides the normal-sized chocolates with 100 grams (4×4 squares), you will also find the big versions weighing 250 grams, mini versions weighing 16 grams (2×2 squares), and the chocolate cubes, which are equivalent to one square. You can also arrange combos or buy the ones already in a bundle. There is, for example, a 1 meter package full of mini bars! Good luck putting that in your luggage!

The 250 grams bars
One meter of chocolate!

Besides buying chocolate, you can learn more about the brand and take many pictures with the colorful and huuuge decorative chocolate bars. You can also sit at their Café, where they serve desserts and drinks with Ritter Sport chocolate, but also normal food. A cappuccino with melted Ritter Sport chocolate costs, for example, 3,90€. If this experience ends up converting you to a fan, you can take the opportunity to already buy brand merchandise as well.

When it comes to prices, the chocolate you buy here will usually be more expensive than in the supermarket. So, my tip is to, before stopping by the Schokowelt, pass by the supermarket and write down the prices of your favorites. If you find them cheaper at the flagship store later, great! If not, you can always go back to the supermarket. Last time we went, the basic ones were comparatively more expensive (they sell for around 0,99€ at grocery stores), but there were some special flavors that were cheaper (0,79€).

IMG_0009 (15)
A very instagrammable room!
IMG_0012 (20)
This bear looks delicious!

I usually get my fix of Ritter Sport at the supermarket and at Schokowelt I focus on the most different flavors, the combos, the personalized bars and the cold versions. What? I didn´t tell you about that one? Yes, they have the “cool” versions of some of the chocolates too!

This is a brand that is not expensive, in my opinion, and you can have a lot of fun with all of their creative flavors. Additionally, they are part of the German culture, being the second most popular chocolate bar brand in 2018 and 2019, according to Statista website (only behind the purple cow, a.k.a. Milka!). Therefore, if you are in Berlin, pay the Ritter Sport Shokowelt a visit – worst case scenario you will go back home with a few kilos more in your bag!

Bunte SchokoWelt Berlin

Monday to Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm.

Französische Straße 24, 10117, Berlin





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