Buffalo Springs and Samburu National Reserves – our magical start in the safari world!

After a not so magical 6-hours- drive from Nairobi, we reached Buffalo Springs Reserve´s main gate – a sight to see after such a long drive! Once you are inside though, you tend to forget the tiredness, the heat and the desperate need to go to the bathroom, especially when the animals start to appear. Buffalo Springs greeted us with many antelopes, curious giraffes and placid elephants, even before we had a chance to reach our hotel!

Our two-day-visit was combined with Samburu National Reserve, which is separated from Buffalo Springs by a gorgeous river. Yes, a gorgeous river, in the sense that it gives you the most amazing sundown pictures you will take in both parks! You can even get extra lucky and be able to watch a herd of elephants cross it or come down to drink water. We can thank a flat tire for giving us the bonus of watching that scene from up a bridge!

The Ewaso Nyiro River

In Samburu and Buffalo Springs you find a large number of animals like giraffes, elephants, hippos, lions, leopards, zebras, crocodiles, hyenas, cheetahs, monkeys, clip springers, buffalos, oryx beisas, kudus, mongooses, warthogs, water bucks,  gerinuks and jackals. There are also more than 350 bird species, among them the marabu and the Somali ostrich. Which ones you will actually get to see depends on luck, how good your guide is in spotting animals, and how many days you are staying (which, of course, raises your chances of seeing anything). We were very happy to having seen leopards (including a baby up on a tree!), a cheetah with babies, many elephants of all ages, different types of antelopes, zebras and giraffes.

We had many of these “awww” moments!


A leopard taking a look if there´s food running around

We stayed at Ashnil Samburu Camp and we absolutely loved it! The hotel is located inside Samburu National Reserve, on the banks of Ewaso Nyiro River. It is a luxury tented camp, where all tents are arranged in a way that you can lie in bed and watch the waters go by, while elephants come for a sip on the other side. Don´t get surprised if the resident elephant passes by on your side of the river, really close to the fence! If you want more details about our stay in this hotel, take a look at my Trip Advisor review of the establishment here.

Our comfy room for two nights
The resident elephant at Ashnil Hotel

I could write forever about our visit to these wonderful reserves many animals call home. But, the truth is, it would be so hard to find words to describe the show that nature put in front of our eyes, that I believe a 3-minute video full of self-explanatory images will be more successful in this case.  Click on the video below and hop on our 4×4!

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