(ENGLISH) Souvenirs from Kenya

Every trip is special, but some leave a deeper hole in your stomach when you come back home. There´s a thirst for more, magical moments you wish you could go back to, and landscapes you did not have forever to gaze at.  If you ever had the post-travel blues, boy, I feel ya…

Even though some times I not only totally embrace but enjoy that melancholic feeling of “wish I was there again” while browsing through photographs, there´s one thing that keeps me excited to be back home after an amazing trip: the souvenirs. The more I love a destination, the more I want to fill the house up with memories of it.

Of course, what you bring in your head is more valuable than what you bring in your suitcase. No doubt. But some objects trigger fond recollections, changing the whole mood when your eyes get a sight of them. They are a gentle reminder that, whatever you are going through in your life, you can always travel back to a happy place in your mind.

We just came back from Kenya and I decided to share with you, in a video, the souvenirs we brought back for the house, family and friends. I hope this can help other travelers to get an idea of the crafts they can buy there, helping the local artisans, and how much they costed us. I also spill some shopping tips! Click on the video below and let´s have a one-on-one!

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