Christmas Markets – Germany

Winter is coming. I mean, really approaching. While it gets colder and colder, many regret what they did not do during the brief German summertime, already dreaming of the upcoming Spring. But I…well, I´m definitely a happy girl, because the closer we get to Christmas, the closer we also get to my favorite tradition…Christmas markets!

Christmas markets are basically Christmas decorated street fairs where you can eat delicious savory or sweet food. You can also try the even more delicious seasonal drinks like the mulled wine, fruit punch and hot chocolate – the latter can be pimped up with Bailey´s, rum, Kahlua…I´m telling you, it´s adulthood paradise. By the way, if you want to learn more about the food offered at these markets, take a look at the article I wrote about the bites you cannot miss, here.

If you have been to one Christmas´market, you definitely have not been to all of them. Many have distinct themes, food and ambiance. Bigger cities even organize several fairs that are completely different from one another. In Frankfurt, for example, you can find a gay Christmas market, a Sweden, a Latin American and a forest one.

Click on the video below and come walk with me through four different Christmas markets in Germany! This is the first of a series I plan to do, showing different fairs across the country 😉


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