5 Romantic Cities in Germany

THE day is definitely here…The most loved or hated one, depending on your current relationship status or how you see this occasion. The day when love is not only in the air but, really, everywhere you look around. Gosh, I wish Paul Young wasn´t this right during this time of the year…
The thing is, I was never a big fan of Valentine´s day (if you haven´t noticed yet). Though it started as a good tradition to allegedly celebrate a priest named Valentine, it became a huge commercial festivity, which is solely reinforced for you to spend money on material goods. Well, I´m with the old fashioned ones, who believe love shouldn´t need a specific day to be celebrated. Besides, I was always more keen on collecting memories than tangible gifts….
In this sense, today´s post will hopefully inspire love birds to spend Valentine´s day designing the next trip together – the best intangible gift you can give yourselves! And which better destination to be with your partner than in the land of fairy tales and whimsical castles?
Without further ado, here are 5 super romantic cities in Germany that are highly recommendable for couples. Beer and sausages who…?!


View to the Old Bridge and the Castle ruins
Heidelberg is that kind of place where you don´t need much directions: just a nonchalant walk-around will make a fan out of you. This is a city made of charming ancient (but very well conserved) buildings and castle ruins sitting on top of a mountain – all wrapped around a fun youthful atmosphere. Sounds controversial? It may, but this duality works well in Heidelberg. Having one of the most renowned universities in the world, this historical place also thrives with bars, pubs, cute coffee shops and a UNESCO recognized literature festival. Heidelberg can be romantic AND fun!
Such a nice stroll along the river!
For a romantic stroll, walk along the Old Bridge (Alte Brücke) and enjoy the view to the Neckar river. You can also visit the castle, which is totally worth it for the inside as well as for the outside. From there, you should take some (long!) minutes to admire the old town and main square beneath you. What always calls my attention from the top is how green this whole area is! Here, men and nature´s creations come together to shape this beautiful live painting.
The Old Bridge
Full bars and cute little streets
Don´t forget to visit the comfy La Fée Bar Café  for its delicious snacks and hot drinks. The Café Schafheutle is also one of our favorites during summer time, since they have the most beautiful garden where you can savor their endless variety of sweets. If you are planning a romantic dinner, you can´t go wrong with the rustic atmosphere of the Seppl or the Zum Spreisel. To move away from the antique theme, definitely try the NEO Bar & Restaurant.


Drosselgasse – the main street with shops and traditional architecture
We have talked about Rüdesheim here and also made a cute video about it, here. So, it´s really no secret this is one of our favorite towns in Germany. I mean, what´s not to like?! The town is located in between the beautiful winding river Rhein and a green mountain covered with vineyards. The idea of drinking a variety of local wine at a cute little wooden winery with a view to the river could be already a good enough reason to attract heaps of couples. Still, Rüdesheim offers a lot more than that. To me, the medieval architecture of the city is definitely the most charming part of it. You can enjoy it especially along the Drosselgasse, the famous narrow cobblestone pedestrian street, which is filled with traditional German timber houses. It looks straight out of a Grimm´s tale!
The view from the mountain to Rüdesheim
The Wine Museum (on the left) and the cable cars in the background
Rüdesheim may be small, but it offers its visitors big flavors! Don´t forget to pass by the Art Café & Wine Bar to try the chimney cake and the local (very) boozy hot chocolate. There are also nostalgic museums. For example, you can visit the Wine Museum , which is located inside a castle (extra points!), and learn about years of wine history within a beautiful architecture. You can also check out the Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum, which will fascinate you with its whimsical music boxes. To top it of, you can take the cable car and embark on a romantic sunset journey up the mountain, where the view I have yet to find a rival in Germany.


Theaterplatz – between the Opera and the Zwinger
It beats me why Dresden still doesn´t receive the attention it deserves from tourists. This is one of the most majestic cities I have ever been to, maybe (and I said maybe!) only second to Vienna. The architecture is fascinating with its baroque buildings like the imposing Frauenkirche and the huge Zwinger, a palace turned into a museum complex. As the royal city that it is, Dresden offers many art and historical options. My ultimate favorite is the Grünes Gewölbe , a museum with an impressive collection of jewelry and treasures. Dresden used to host the Saxon kings and, boy, does it show!
The Fürstenzug – the largest porcelain artwork in the world, showing the procession of the Princes of Saxony.
All of this nobility sits by the banks of the Elbe, a calm river that meanders southeast along charming small towns and castles. There´s no better (or romantic) way to enjoy this other than taking a steamboat round tour from Dresden´s pier to Pirna. The best part is that you can hop off wherever you like, explore, and then hop on again on the next boat. It doesn´t get better than this….Oh, actually, it does! Did I mention you can enjoy this ride while sipping on regional wine? Home run!
View to the Pillnitz Castle from the steamboat ride
Steamboat ride + killer views + good wine = happiness
Take the time to stroll along the Terrassenufer, the street between the river and the edges of the city. There are also many cafés and restaurants there, where you can sit to enjoy a beautiful sunset, like at the Radeberger Spezialausschank. Believe me, you will enjoy this city even more at night, when all its monuments are lit up with a yellowish glow. The view from the Augustusbrücke to Dresden is just breathtaking.
The Katholische Hofkirche at night


View to the mountains from the hotel room
Oberstdorf is definitely different from any other place mentioned in this list. The reason is because it´s a little town in the middle of nowhere next to the Austrian border. Sounds boring? Well, I guess it depends on what you define as an ideal romantic getaway. This village is perfect if you want to turn off your phones, relax and enjoy the best nature can offer.
I actually ask myself if the village is indeed tiny or if it´s just dwarfed by the huge mountains that surround it. When I say huge, I mean, colossal. Nebelhorn, for example, is 2.224 meters high and every skier´s paradise during winter time. By the way, don´t let this tiny cute village fool you – this is, after all, one of the trendiest sky destinations in Germany.
Oberstdorf´s city center
Not to sound picky going against the crowds, but I do think spring and summer time there suit a couple´s vacation better. These seasons are adorned with the greenest fields and flourishing Bavarian wooden balconies. There are many hotels that offer big spa areas and, especially, outdoor pools framed by the mountains. We stayed at the Wittelsbacher Hof hotel, and absolutely loved it! The city center is also quite charming, offering a few shopping options. Still, the forte of the region is definitely its natural features. You can choose to go on a hike together, paragliding or rock climbing. A boring destination? Think again….
Found a minion vacationing here! lol
If you do like “boring” though, don´t worry, you don´t have to climb your way up to the mountains! There´s also a cable car which will take you high up safe and sound!


Baden Baden´s city center
Now, if this is not a romantic destination, I have no idea what is. Baden Baden is a lovely town in the Black Forest, offering what couples love the most in a getaway: great restaurants, chic boutique hotels, thermal spas and charming little quiet corners. All of this is encircled by a dense forestation and a nostalgic architecture. Just by writing this I feel like packing my bags….
The city is pretty much alive all year long, so don´t forget to check the calendar in order to organize your trip according to events taking place there. The physical size of the city doesn´t reflect at all in the grandiosity of its artistic and architectural soul. You definitely do not want to miss a stroll along Baden Baden´s Museumsmeile, a street where museums and galleries line up, showing from Frida Kahlo´s articles to Roman ruins. By the way, the famous Bansky painting which has been shredded during an auction at Sotheby´s is, from today, on display at the Museum Frieder Burda in Baden Baden until the 3rd of March.
Baden Baden´s Kurhaus/Casino
Talking about grandiosity, the Trinkhalle (pump house) and the Theater are a must-visit. The first is impressive in its columns and huge paintings, showcasing images of the region, while the second has the most beautiful golden presentation room. When it comes to the thermal culture of Baden Baden, the Friedrichsbad is definitely a reference. The spa, which exists since the 19th century, mixes Roman and Irish bathing traditions to help you relax in the middle of gigantic columns and fresco paintings. After the spa, you can finish your glamorous day off at the Casino, sipping on fancy cocktails and enjoying the best grilled meat in Baden Baden.
One of my favortite things to do in the city is to sip on wine by the river.
As you can see, it´s very easy to get sucked in the sophisticated atmosphere here. But, don´t forget: what the town offers the best is right in front of you and it´s for free: the nature. Stroll around the Lichtentaler Alle and the Rose Society Gardens, take pictures of the beautiful bridges that cross the calm waters of Oosbach river, sit on a bench and gaze at the sights of Paradis´ park. Give yourself a chance to realize that, indeed, the best things in life are for free.
Nature, Baden Baden´s best feature!
If you want to read our review of the luxury hotel Roomers in Baden Baden, click here.


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